The Integration

Bridge pushes reconciled custodial data from into AdvisorPeak’s platform.


AdvisorPeak is a cost-efficient, easy-to-use, and powerful trading and rebalancing software that is designed to help advisors intuitively manage client portfolios in a tax-efficient manner.

How does it work?

Advisors using AdvisorPeak automatically pull in reconciled custodial data from Atlas each morning before the market opens. Using the updated data from Atlas, advisors can monitor current versus target drift from models, track client account restrictions and complexities, and understand tax implications of trades in order to make informed trading decisions and act efficiently.

How does it benefit advisors?

  • Eliminate the time and risks associated with duplicate data entry and manual data management.
  • Efficiently and seamlessly track performance and manage client portfolios.
  • Benefit from using two specialized platforms to create a comprehensive portfolio management experience.

Special Offer

Currently, AdvisorPeak is waiving all fees for advisors using Atlas who would also like to try AdvisorPeak. Learn more about this special offer.

Learn More About This Integration

Read the official AdvisorPeak + Bridge press release.

Integrations & Partners

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