Core Features


Performance Reporting

Interactive graphs and customizable displays make it easy to view your
client's returns, cash flows, and other reports. Atlas/X supports custom benchmarks, giving you total control
over your performance reports.
Want to give your clients a beautiful
and simple portal to view their reports? Simply enable the client portal and customize what they can see. With Atlas/X, you're in command
of your reports.



On-demand billing allows you to run
your billing when it’s convenient for you and with any combination of unique fee schedules. Atlas/X's easy-to-use fee structure creation system makes it simple to run complex billing configurations for all of your clients simultaneously. Manage account groupings, rules, and asset exclusions with ease. Take command of your billing reports with on-demand billing in Atlas/X.


Trading & Rebalancing

Atlas/X's powerful trading tools make it easy to manage all of your accounts
and investment models. Automatic drift-alerts helps you quickly see which accounts need to be rebalanced, and one-click rebalancing allows you fix out of tolerance accounts without having to do any complex calculations. No more need to juggle excel spreadsheets. Simplify your account management and trading process with Atlas/X.


What sets us apart?

superior service

Our dedicated support team has a first response time nearly 7x faster than industry average. You can count on Bridge to be a partner in your success.

Data integrity

Bridge believes your data should be correct, period. That's why our system intelligently reconciles for you. We have years of experience managing data conversions so you can make the switch to Bridge with confidence.

intuitive interface

We believe it doesn't matter how powerful your software is if you can't understand how to use it. Get up and running with Atlas/X in hours--no training courses required.


Some of Our Partners

At Bridge we integrate with other industry-leading technologies to ensure you have a superior user-experience. Want to know if we integrate with the technology you're already using?


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