Atlas Insights

Deliver Clearer, Deeper Insights

Our newest capabilities gives advisors a tech-forward perspective into client data, so they can serve clients thoughtfully even at scale.

Client Testimonials

+1,000 advisors trust BridgeFT to make their recommendations more proactive

“Making my company super efficient in billing and performance reporting was exactly what I needed to do. BridgeFT provides all the things my firm needs to be efficient and effective, giving me the tools and time for higher quality client management.”

Jesse Rodrigue, President & Chief Financial Advisor

Be There for Your Clients Before They Ask

BridgeFT’s AI-driven insights provide valuable information for advisors, client service teams, and other WealthTech tools. The results? Advisors know what clients need before they do.


Proactive Client Insights

More Insights, Better Outcomes

Reduce inefficiencies by automatically harnessing the power of your client data to improve proactive service and drive better client outcomes.

Spark Engaging Conversations

Drive more high-impact client meetings by focusing on the most important parts of your client's finances.

Boost Client Retention

Identify risk areas of your business or underserved clients. Address small concerns before they become big problems

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