Innovate Faster With WealthTech API

BridgeFT’s WealthTech API delivers critical data and rich wealth applications that put the power in your hands to create new investment-driven solutions, expand or enhance existing functionality, and bring innovative ideas to life, faster.

Built by Developers, For Developers

As the industry’s only completely API-first, multi-custodial software and data aggregation platform built by developers, for developers, BridgeFT’s WealthTech API streamlines your development and consistently matures with the latest technology.

Purpose Built, Open API-first Framework – Fully Documented

Single Integration, Access Many Sources

Developer Guides, Recipes and Pre-Built Connectors

Development Sandbox

Developer-to Developer Support

Need Inspiration?

Check out a few real-world use cases to see how our clients and partners have used the WealthTech API.

Web Icon_Digital Wholesaler

Single source of truth for multi-custodial data aggregation

Web Icon_Secure

Compliance oversight and trade surveillance

Web Icon_Clien Insight

Client insights to drive new selling opportunities and better servicing initiatives

Web Icon_Management Analytics

Real client account data to strengthen portfolio analytics and recommendations

Web Icon_Scalable

Fully custom, digital client portal experiences

Web Icon_Client Account Data

Firm-wide management reporting to track productivity and revenue health

Financial Data Aggregation

Tech-enabled investment product distribution - “Digital Wholesaler”

Web Icon_Digital Clien Portal

Practice management analytics to drive KPIs and coaching methods


Explore the WealthTech API Documentation

Here are some helpful links.  Browse all documentation to see a full list of guides and resources for using the WealthTech APIs.

Getting started with WealthTech API is easy

Organizations of any size and industry can add WealthTech API to their existing platform, unlocking a write-once read-many single source for a plethora of financial data. All data is delivered using BridgeFT’s RESTful API, seamlessly integrating that data within any new or existing platform, regardless of its underlying technology infrastructure.

Client and Household Information

Custodian Accounts

Heldaway Accounts



Tax Lots

Gain / Loss

Cost Basis

Billing Information

Client Reports

Billing Fee Structures



Security Information

What our clients say about working with the BridgeFT team

“Prior to working with BridgeFT, we were managing the data feeds process internally, including direct feeds with Schwab and TD Ameritrade… we wanted to turn to a firm that would expand our custodian access, reduce our resource overhead, and make the overall process easier for our clients.”
Mac Bartine
“BridgeFT was the first vendor we looked at that was able to take what other data aggregators are doing, modernize it, and truly take it a step further.”
Brandon Whittington
Founder and CEO, ProTrustee
“Not having access to the data we needed was inhibiting our ability to grow our business–we needed the custodial feeds and BridgeFT could offer that in a transparent and simple way. We considered it an easy-to-deploy multi-custodial data aggregation service which we could scale up as we needed.”
Brian Bleasdell
Chief Product Officer, Flyer Financial Technologies

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