One Product,
Many Solutions: Atlas

Automation-driven Portfolio Management Software for advisors and firms of all sizes that is designed to simplify and streamline back-office functions, not increase complexity. This is technology that works for you.


If you are trying to grow your firm to the next level but are constrained by inefficient back office work and legacy technology, Atlas helps streamline your growth.


You worked hard to grow your business. Now you want to focus on what matters most: your clients. Atlas can help optimize your back office with simplicity and automation so you can focus on strengthening client relations for years to come.


Whether you are changing careers, leaving a larger firm, or simply getting started on your own, our software can provide the stable foundation you need as you launch your firm.


Build custom reports with Atlas’ dynamic report building environment. Access client reports in our interactive web-based environment or print them off for an in-person review.


Use Atlas’ Custom Fee-ID generation system to add new clients quickly and easily. Generate billing reports and invoices on-demand with one-click report generation. Easily manage any number of custom fee structures in a single, easy-to-use interface.

Client Insights & Performance

Daily time-weight performance, gain/loss tracking, and cash monitoring are a few of our valuable, proactive client insights that help our advisors keep a pulse on their client accounts

Client Portal

Give clients access to their account information, reports, and invoices through our web-based client portal.

Data Feeds & APIs

Combined with our open-architecture API, our automated data feeds with most major custodians and daily account reconciliation allows for consistent, clean data in Atlas and the rest of your tech stack.


At Bridge, we believe in specializing in our core areas of client data and insights, reporting, and billing, and integrating with partners that specialize in their field. We constantly see new partnerships and deep integrations that will benefit our advisors, reduce the number of “clicks” and tabs open, and streamline their day-to-day.

Who We Work With

We made it easy to work with Bridge by working with the same people you do. Our first-of-its-kind, open API makes it easy to connect to the tools you already use or configure Atlas to meet your needs.

Learn More About Our Integrations

What Sets Us Apart?


Our software and team handles data processing and account reconciliation so you don’t have to. New accounts are automatically added to your dashboard. Your custom reports are there for you, available at the end of each month or quarter. All of this happens without a need to login and take action.

Ease of Use

We know running a business is a ton of work, that’s why we think using portfolio management software shouldn’t have to be. Atlas was designed to work for you, regardless of whether or not you think of yourself as “tech savvy.” Quickly retrieve a report or run billing in seconds, and easily configure your dashboard to be set-it-and-forget-it.

Superior Service

Tired of feeling like you’re just a number when you need assistance? So did we. We don’t just have clients, we have partners, and we succeed when you do. With response times less than half the industry standard and unlimited support, you can count on our team to be invested in your success.

How to Get Started


If you are ready to learn more, we are here to help answer your questions. Check out our FAQ, explore our resources, give us a call with other questions, or schedule a customized demo today.


When you make the decision to partner with Bridge, our Client Success team is ready and able to get you set up, helping you configure Atlas to your needs. No painful conversion that drags on for months. Let us handle the tough stuff.


Even after you are up and running, our team is working to support and improve your experience. Sign up for a webinar, email us feedback and feature suggestions, or simply pick up the phone and give us a call.