Reduce Time to Market and Expand Your Growth Potential

Whether you’re a TAMP, an Asset Manager, or an RIA Aggregator looking to secure more direct advisor relationships, BridgeFT has the solution to meet your servicing and investment product distribution needs.

Common Challenges

Do any of the following challenges sound familiar?

At BridgeFT, we help TAMPs and RIA Aggregators overcome their most common challenges. Experience limitless potential when powered by our WealthTech API.

Costly, limited, over-crowded channels to support investment product and/or strategy distribution

Building an in-house custodial aggregation system is a challenging, expensive, and time-consuming to expand

Desire to build advisor functions directly into a platform without being dependent on expensive all-in-one providers who compete in the same space

Why Work with BridgeFT?

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API First Platform

Normalized, Reconciled, multi-custodial data plus mission critical applications - all in a robust, documented, open API. Frees you from the inflexibility of flat files; no need for large data infrastructures and storing sensitive PII.

Financial Data API

Highest Data Quality

BridgeFT normalization and reconciliation removes 99%+ of the reconciliation events requiring human intervention and provides data consistency enabling you to power a single application with multiple data sources. Our data is trade-ready, the highest standard in the marketplace

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Single Integration – Many Sources

Integrate once to WealthTech API, gain access to a Single View of all of your custodial data. Simplify your system, spend your resources on efforts that differentiate your product/service and not the data and application infrastructure

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Lowest TCO and Fastest TTM

Decrease Total Cost of Ownership while speeding your Time to Market. Reduce technology overhead and dedicated data resources. Deploy applications / services in a fraction of the time by leveraging BridgeFT’s existing data rails

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Go Beyond Data

Beyond the core custodial data, BridgeFT’s data enrichment delivers powerful performance, insights and analytics across all accounts, regardless of custodian. Embed Client Reporting, Billing, Insights into your proprietary applications

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By Developers, for Developers

Designed as a development platform to speed your team’s development, WealthTech API was built and is supported by developers. Including documentation, recipes and developer-to-developer support

Who We Serve

Leverage our WealthTech API to deliver custom advisor-client experiences, or deploy Atlas, our turnkey advisor platform to get to market lightening fast.

New, or established, TAMPs looking to scale, expand available functionality, and/or create a truly one-of-a-kind custom experience.

RIAs with a growing asset management arm – seeking alternatives to traditional channels to support the distribution of their investment products (SMAs, ETFs, alt strategies, etc.). A modern technology stack allows you to stand out in a crowded market, and deliver curated strategies directly to your target audience.

Asset Managers seeking new, direct distribution channels that bring them closer to the advisor-client relationship. From data connectivity to all of the major custodians and UMA model creation/management to robust reporting and billing, BridgeFT is a strategic partner that can power the wealth infrastructure needed to deliver unique tools and essential data to drive growth.

Growth-focused RIAs offering rollup, breakaway, IAR, and/or DBA opportunities for independents looking for tech, operations, compliance, and investments support.  BridgeFT offers a modern framework on which to build a wealth management technology stack that delivers long-term scalability and service flexibility.

A Different Approach to Data

BridgeFT WealthTech API eliminates the most common data challenges organizations face.

Reduce your development timeline by 6-12 months by working with BridgeFT

Reduce technology resource and infrastructure overhead

Quickly expand capabilities with our limitless, flexible open-API

Or leverage our turnkey ready-to-go Atlas for Advisors platform

Integration framework with built-in integrations to 30+ key 3rd party tools