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Billing done in 5 minutes,
Not 5 Days

Spend less time billing and focus on what matters most: client relationships.

Client Testimonials

Advisors Trust BridgeFT

“Before BridgeFT we would spend two to three hours a month on billing… Now, the entire billing process takes minutes.”

Ian Jameson, Partner and Director, ACA


Billing technology that makes it easy to manage your firm’s unique needs

Auditable, compliant fee billing with minimal effort. Atlas manages your billing, invoicing, and revenue processing so you don’t have to, no matter the complexity.


Jumpstart your billing process

The only thing faster than setting up billing with Atlas is actually processing it. Auto-generate custodian files, client invoices, and revenue reporting with just a few clicks.


There’s No Fee Structure We Can’t Handle

We support monthly or quarterly, arrears or advanced, prorated for flows, auto reallocated fees, custom groups, and more


Put Your Firm First

Customize branding, color, and logos. Edit invoice formatting to reflect your business and any regulatory requirements.


Set It and Forget It

Our system offers maximum customization and flexibility, but once it’s setup doesn’t require any effort to maintain

At BridgeFT We Do
Billing Different

We know the technology behind our software can change how advisors work, because we are advisors. Atlas saves advisors time by automating reports, billing, and insights.

Why Choose Atlas?

Superior Service

We’re your success partner. Our dedicated support team response time is nearly 7x faster than the industry average.

Zero Waste

Get back hours of precious time spent on administrative tasks that don’t build client relationships or help grow your firm

Limitless Client Value

Sending custom bills and reports on time builds trust with clients, month
after month

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