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BridgeFT’s mission is to transform disparate data into actionable insights, empowering advisors to deliver better outcomes for their clients. Below you will see inspiring stories of some of the advisors that work with BridgeFT.

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Explore how our trusted advisors went about founding their firms, what inspired them to expand, and how they serve their clients in new and unique ways.

Meet Leighann of Equalis

Leighann’s path to becoming a financial advisor was far from typical. As an advisor, Leighann found fulfillment helping clients secure a life she had faced uncertainty in achieving for herself.

“Everyone deserves financial security” – How One Advisor Took an Uncommon Path to Founding and Growing Their Firm for Overlooked Clients

Meet Daren of Sonoma Wealth Advisors

Daren founded Sonoma Wealth Advisors with the goal of developing a firm to serve clients’ best interest through independence, and to serve other advisors who wished to do the same.

“I came out of the broker-dealer world with a passion for serving clients and putting their best interest first. Lots of lip service is given in the BD world to ‘client -centered service,’ yet at the end of the day brokers serve brokers and the firms they work for. I was seeking a different feel, and I wanted an environment where individual advisors were empowered by ‘true’ independence to always do what’s best for clients.

Daren Blonski,

Sonoma Wealth Advisors

Meet Tim of Foothills Financial Planning

As the COVID pandemic unfolded in early 2020, many advisory firms, like so many businesses, were forced to move their operations remote either in part or in full. Although many were unprepared, Foothills Financial Planning have always had such a tight focus on technology and streamlined operations. Transitioning to the new virtual advising environment was second-nature to them.

“One of the [value add] things for us has been just being somebody to listen to what’s going on in the client’s life. Sometimes the client just wants somebody to walk them through significant decisions or be an extra ear for them when times are uncertain.

Tim Carpenter,

Foothills Financial Planning

Meet Jesse of Fortune 45

Jesse founded his firm, Fortune 45, in order to help people. He prides himself on doing things the right way, as his firm has done since day one. Jesse has scaled his firm from 5M AUM to 100M AUM in just five years. He credits his firm’s success to their exceptional level of care and service to their clients.

“Most people need help with their finances, but they don’t know who to call and they think it’s going to cost them a ton of money. Fortune 45 has a solid reputation for offering no-pressure financial advice. This reputation has been all we need for growth.

Jesse R. Rodrigue,

Fortune 45

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