Atlas for Advisors

Powering Advisors to Deliver More
Compliant Invoices Proactive Insights Impactful Reports

Atlas helps you deliver better client outcomes through proactive, automated portfolio management. Deliver intuitive reports, automate data management, get access to proactive client insights, and much more.

Portfolio Management that works for you

Portfolio management software should do more for your business than generate PDFs your clients barely understand. Discover technology that empowers you to do more.


Are You Working For Your Technology or Is It Working for You?


Most legacy solutions haven’t been updated in 20+ years

Legacy advisor software is old, time consuming and expensive to use. How are you supposed to achieve anything with software like this?


There’s a better way to work with Atlas

Stop letting legacy tech hold your firm back. Atlas aggregates disparate client data, automates key portfolio management tasks, and delivers proactive insights. Deliver better client outcomes with innovation on your side.


“Making my company super efficient in billing and performance reporting was exactly what I needed to do. BridgeFT provides all the things my firm needs to be efficient and effective, giving me the tools and time for higher quality client management.

Jesse Rodrigue
President & Chief Financial Advisor, Fortune 45

Better Back-Office Means Better Client Outcomes


Faster processing of core back office functions like fee billing and report generation


Average cost-savings compared to legacy portfolio management software and service


More time for client engagement and communication

Enterprise Security Comes Standard

With BridgeFT, your business benefits from the latest in enterprise security. Benefit from regular information security reviews, including external audits from some of the largest US Financial Institutions.

Robust Data Policies

We mask or eliminate any personally identifiable information (PII) whenever possible or when not required to deliver functionality.

Secure Software Architecture

BridgeFT is powered by industry leading providers of cloud architecture and security standards

Limited Account Relationship

BridgeFT never directly manages, advises, or takes discretion over your client accounts, minimizing security risk with read-only access.

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