Why Bridge

Ready to Leave Legacy Technology Behind For Good?

We have dedicated countless hours since our founding to create technology that’s fast, easy to implement & use, and focused on delivering better client outcomes. Whether you’re an independent advisor, enterprise, or fintech, expect unmatched technology and a partner with a relentless focus on innovation.

BridgeFT Values Your Time and Your Clients


Reduction in time spent on reporting


Cost-savings compared to legacy portfolio management solutions


More time to engage with clients

Our Awards

BridgeFT's WealthTech API is widely recognized for being the industry's only API-first cloud-based approach to financial data aggregation and application. Our innovative Wealthtech-as-a-Service solution is the data engine behind many leading FinTech innovators and other enterprises alike. We are honored to be recognized by our peers and industry leaders. Check out some of our awards, as well as our most recent nominations including the prestigious Wealthies Award.

Winner: Data Aggregation

Winner: Best Data, Information or Business Intelligence Provider

Winner: Industry Disruptors
Nominated: Technology Disruptors Nominated: Technology Providers / Innovation Platforms

Winner: Data Warehouse Solution Provider of The Year

Nominated: Best Data Provider

Finalist: Best Cutting Edge Solution
Finalist: Best Data Provider

Nominated: WealthTech Provider of The Year

Finalist: Financial & Investment Innovation — FinTech/TAMP Platforms

Finalist: WealthTech of the Year