Passive Capital Management Improves Client Satisfaction While Saving Time & Money With Atlas

Company Overview
Passive Capital Management, LLC (PCM) is a fee-only registered investment advisor with a mission to provide every client with a successful investment experience.

Executive Summary
Prior to working with Bridge, Passive Capital Management had been using an outsourced Portfolio Center for nearly 20 years. However, when Jake Asplundh originally joined the firm in the role of a Financial Advisor (later going on to become a Partner), he had an eye for modernization that would take them in a new direction. Asplundh understood the firm needed a more modern approach to operations and technology, and he also sought to streamline their reporting process with clients.

Evolving with Technology

“We had looked at other solutions, however many were prohibitively expensive even for a firm of our size. As a firm, we do well when we run very lean, this makes it easy to be efficient and manage a decent amount of client relationships.”

Deterred by the high price point of many solutions but still determined to modernize the firm’s back-office operations and reporting processes, Jake eventually encountered Bridge’s Atlas platform as a potential solution.

“I sat down with the Bridge team to discuss how they were releasing brand new reporting functionality. Additionally, Bridge’s price point fit and it seemed like an overall interesting platform.”

A Better Experience for Clients

Passive Capital Management selected Bridge’s Atlas platform to power their firm’s operations on a go-forward basis after evaluating several other potential solution providers. Their team began using Atlas to transform all of their day to-day processes. Jake mentioned their initial impression was that “they were able to get a lot more done in a quicker amount of time.” The Passive Capital Management team was quick to adopt the new reporting technology, and was impressed with Atlas’ capacity to handle data accurately, quickly, and with zero effort, allowing proper indexing and a better experience for clients. Jake added that the “flexibility of the platform makes it simple to run a report on the fly or easily adjust client specifications.”

The Perfect Balance of Affordability and Modern Technology

Perhaps the largest improvement for their team has been within their reporting processes and particularly interactions with clients. As Jake says:
“We really rely on our portfolio management software. We want clear and concise reports that provide a lot of information. We compete extremely well against other institutional advisors when we bring 10-pages to the table, while they come in with 200 pieces of paper.”

Passive Capital Management continues to take advantage of the full functionality of the Atlas platform. They found the perfect balance of affordability and modern technology with Bridge and have continued to grow the firm.