Modern WealthTech Infrastructure

The industry’s only API-first, cloud-native wealth tech as a service platform supporting the critical data, analytics, and application services needed to build next generation wealth management applications.

Driving Better, Data-Driven Outcomes to Clients

BridgeFT is a cloud-native, API-first Wealth Infrastructure software company that enables financial institutions, FinTech innovators, TAMPs, and registered investment advisors to deliver better, data-driven outcomes for their clients. Leading financial services firms and technology companies trust BridgeFT to power their digital wealth management ecosystems and automate critical back office operations—seamlessly aligning essential wealth data, proactive client insights and reporting, and portfolio management automation to deliver a truly personalized client experience.

What are the qualities that have distinguished you this year and why?

BridgeFT is unafraid to break through the status quo approach historically used to aggregate and manage financial data. We have launched WealthTech API, a WealthTech-as-a-Service platform, that transforms how advisors and service providers access, use, and report on financial data. Further, the launch of our WealthTech API presents enterprises with an entirely new solution to the challenges of working with custodial data and building modern applications.  By leveraging our platform, clients have full control over their digital experiences without the need to build the core functionality and data infrastructure that is oftentimes expensive. Our clients can simply choose the apps and data needed, configure them to support specific business needs, and offer them to clients as their own.

As the industry’s only completely API-first, multi-custodial data aggregation platform, our WealthTech API streamlines development and integrates seamlessly with organizations’ current processes and systems. In addition, our data is trade-ready, with the highest standard in the marketplace. BridgeFT normalization and reconciliation removes 99%+ of the reconciliation events requiring human intervention and provides data consistency enabling organizations to power a single application with multiple data sources.

Enterprises integrate once to our WealthTech API and gain access to a single view of all custodial data. This integration allows enterprises to simplify their data management processes, spending resources on efforts that differentiate their product/service and not the data and application infrastructure. In 2022 alone, the BridgeFT team worked hand in hand with several notable FinTechs and financial institutions to deploy custodial integrations powering compliance solutions, trade order management systems, real-time client insights, and more.

We live in turbulent times – how is your business going to stay ahead?

With unpredictable market conditions, many organizations are precautionarily scaling back. In line with this shift, BridgeFT offers a more cost-effective, faster solution for deploying data. BridgeFT clients spend 60% less, in both time and financial resources, compared to traditional data aggregation vendors or internal data buildouts, on average.

Beyond the core custodial data, BridgeFT’s data enrichment delivers powerful performance, insights, and analytics across all accounts, regardless of custodian. Not only do enterprises working with BridgeFT eliminate time and money spent on costly legacy data infrastructure, they are able to more quickly and easily harness and deploy limitless outcomes with the aggregated custodial data.

In order to stay on the cusp of innovation in the rapid changes ahead in 2023, BridgeFT is looking beyond data aggregation to provide enterprises with actionable solutions for how to use that data. BridgeFT is simplifying the process of putting custodial data into action with out-of-the-box solutions for reporting, billing, management dashboards, business intelligence insights, and more. Through developer-friendly documentation and a menu of integration “recipes,” BridgeFT makes it easier than ever to turn financial data into actionable information quickly and cost-effectively.

How do you intend to use this award and what do you hope it will do in aiding your fortunes?

Many businesses such as emerging FinTechs, TAMPs, and investment product distributors who could greatly benefit from the use of the WealthTech API are currently unaware this solution is available to them. Enterprises are dissatisfied with all-in-one solutions or lack of innovation from legacy solutions. BridgeFT is an independent provider of normalized, multi-custodial data with the capacity to power the operations of financial technology companies, banks, money managers, and more.

Through this award, we hope to spread the word about our innovative, API-first approach to custodial data integrations, allowing future customers to connect with us to deploy their own custom solutions. Receiving this award is a tremendous recognition that will promote BridgeFT as a reputable partner for financial technology innovators in pursuit of a more modern and cost-effective approach to solving data challenges. Our new WealthTech API slashes development timelines and has created an entirely new solution option for emerging FinTechs, TAMPs, wealth management firms, and investment product distributors. This award is continued validation of our technology and further proof that the market is indeed ready for better and more impactful alternatives to legacy data and application providers.