How We Do Things Differently at Bridge

At Bridge, we do more than provide powerful, easy-to-use practice management software for advisors. We partner with advisors, working hand-in-hand with them to help them leverage technology to run a more efficient practice and better serve their clients. We do this because we value advisors’ ability to bring about positive financial outcomes for their clients, and we know that technology plays a crucial role in helping advisors do the right thing for their clients.
In this post, we’ll explore what makes Bridge unique, and how we do business differently so our customers can yield positive outcomes for their firms and for their clients. We’ll discuss:

  • Why we treat our clients as partners
  • Why we create technology that simplifies rather than adding complexity
  • How we’ve created an ecosystem of partners and integrations that makes it easy for  advisors to run the technology stack they want while retaining the peace of mind their data stays in sync
  • How we do more than provide technology solutionswe provide practice management solutions for advisors looking to run more efficient and effective firms

Advisors as Partners

At Bridge, our emphasis on serving our clients is at the heart of everything we do. We see the firms we work with as our partners, and we strive to deliver the highest level of service to help those advisory firms achieve their goals.
This is why we leverage a consultative approach to help our customers uncover the best technology to meet their firm’s unique needs. We understand every advisor has a unique approach, processes, and existing technology, and we always tailor our approach to accommodate these factors. Jeremy Boynton, the Founder of Laureate Wealth Management, (a Bridge client for 4 years) said “The Bridge ‘difference’ starts at the top. The leadership team has established a ‘consultancy’ culture versus a ‘software sales’ culture at Bridge.”
We strive to match advisory firms with powerful technology solutions that streamline operations, and make an impact on advisors’ abilities to have meaningful conversations with their clients. We understand the importance of the work our clients do, which is why we emphasize data accuracy and synchronized integrations across the advisor tech stack. Our customer success team is extremely responsive, and offers unlimited hands-on support to all of our clients. Jeremy also noted “Bridge is extremely responsive with corrective and improving measures, especially in time sensitive situations – even after hours and on weekends.”

Technology that works for you––not the other way around

At Bridge, we strive to provide powerful technology which automates manual, repetitive tasks that can often eat into an advisor’s precious time. Our goal is to help advisors gain this time back, and use it to build deeper, more meaningful relationships with their clients.
We also believe that technology should be simple, accessible, and easy-to-use. An alarming trend we’ve noticed in the advisor technology marketplace is the growth of complex tools that take significant time and resources to run. We don’t think advisors should have to work for their software. While these tools may offer vast functionality, they often do little to streamline an advisor’s work and help them earn time back in their day. In fact, in many cases, overly complex advisor technology actually ends up taking even more time out of an advisor’s already tight schedule.
At Bridge, we understand and respect that for busy advisors, the last thing they need is another tool to learn how to use or another thing on their to-do list. This is why we designed our technology to be so easy to use that advisors can get up-and-running with it in days, not weeks or months. And we know that advisors have varying degrees of comfort with technology, which is why we designed our practice management solution to be as powerful as it is user-friendly.

Partner and Integration Ecosystem

Bridge understands the critical role that technology plays for advisor success in the modern marketplace and delivering great outcomes for advisors’ clients. This is why our team has assembled a vast network of partners and built open integrations to allow our clients to take advantage of all the powerful advisor-centric solutions on the market.
Unlike other technology providers that push advisors into overhauling their current systems and moving onto an all-in-one platform, Bridge understands that every advisor is unique and has preferred technology and processes that work well for their firm. We also emphasize that by assembling a fully-integrated stack of best-in-class tools, advisors can have better technology and greater efficiency that they would achieve on an all-in-one platform riddled with blindspots or less functional areas.
At Bridge, we help advisors effectively leverage our technology and service partners to streamline and improve all areas of their firm. At the end of the day, we strive to make it easy for advisors to use the other technology tools they know, including proprietary technology, with the confidence that their data stays in sync across their business.

People > Products: Practice Management Platform

We pride ourselves on innovating beyond the confines of just another portfolio management software. Yes, we can do everything a portfolio management software needs to do, but we believe those legacy solutions were built to help advisors serve products, not people. We believe in serving people, that’s the practice of advising, and that’s why we build practice management software for advisors. At Bridge, we understand that we succeed when our clients succeed, and that’s why we aim to help our clients be successful on every front.
To us, delivering practice management means more than providing best-in-class portfolio management software, it also means educating our clients on how to integrate scalable technology into every aspect of their firm. It means helping our clients leverage automation to earn back hours in their day that they can use to grow their business and deepen client relationships. And it means helping advisors understand how to make their firms more efficient and effective, so they can grow their firms while providing top-tier service to their clients.
We understand that ultimately, advisors are driving financial outcomes for their clients. This is why our software provides deeper insights into client accounts, so advisors are poised to have more meaningful conversations with their clients about performance and goals. At the end of the day, our technology not only streamlines and increases efficiency, it also opens up the door to deeper, more meaningful client relationships and more positive outcomes for both advisors and clients alike. And that’s at the heart of everything we do.


We do business differently at Bridge. We strive to not only offer the highest caliber technology and hands-on service we believe advisors need, but also to become a trusted partner to our clients while delivering practice management solutions.
If you’re interested in learning more about what it’s like working with the Bridge team, book a demo of our software today or reach out to speak with a member of our team.