Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do with my data? Do I own it or do you?

It is your data and you own it – we just turn it into attractive, easy-to-understand reports for your clients and your firm. We never sell or share your data with any third party unless you expressly request we do so (for example, an integration out to another technology provider), and we never will. We also take information security very seriously.

Can you help me with investment management solutions?

Absolutely! We have a few options with various technology and investment management partners – it all depends on how much (or how little) involvement you want on a day-to-day basis in this part of your business. Contact BridgeFT Sales to learn about these option and discuss the most suitable for you and your clients.

How customizable is the software?
We offer the necessary customizations for billing and reporting without overwhelming you with choices. Examples of customizations include: benchmark creation, asset classification names, and reporting type and frequency. For clients who demand complete control, you have full customization ability through our API with a number of ecosystem partners ready to help you.

Can I put my own branding on the reports?
Of course. You can customize the logos and disclosures on your reports, invoices, and client portal.
Will all my customers have to log in / know I am working with Bridge?

This is completely up to you, the advisor/firm owner – we do not send communications from the Bridge system to your clients, but we do offer you the option to invite some or all of your clients to view reports and invoices, aggregate outside accounts, and share files via your white-labeled client portal.
Can you work with family offices?

Yes – we work with all firms regardless of size or number of accounts. It just depends on what your clients want to see on their reports and what will help you drive client conversation. Drop our Sales Team a line and they can quickly help you determine if Atlas is the right tech for you.

What if I have alternative assets to report on?
Not a problem! Depending on the source of data for your the alternative assets you want tracked, our team can develop a custom data and reporting solution for your firm. We recommend discussing your needs with a member of our team so we can help you evaluate the options available.
How long will it take me to convert from an old system?
Our standard onboarding takes less than 30 days from signing the contract with Bridge to having access to the system. During this time, we manage the historical data conversion, your billing configuration, and any customizations from your former system, so you can focus on your business priorities. Please note that due to significant demand, your onboarding time-frame may be subject to a waitlist.
Switching to a new solution is always painful and takes forever, how can you be fast and easy and still do a good job?
Our tool is designed to be simple and easy to use. To keep it that way, we have limited excessive customizations, settings, and workflows you need to create at the time of onboarding. Additionally, Bridge has proprietary automation technology built around typical conversion processes. These together both reduces onboarding time and the learning curve for leveraging our technology

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