Frequently Asked Questions

It is your business’ data – we just leverage it to deliver an unparalleled user experience and industry-leading integrations. We never sell your data, period, not even in “anonymized and aggregated” format. And we never will. The only time we ever share data with any third party is when you expressly request we do so (for example, an integration out to another technology provider). We also take information security very seriously.

Absolutely! We have a few options with various technology and investment management partners – it all depends on how much (or how little) involvement you want managing investments on a day-to-day basis.


Contact our sales team for a consultation or learn more about these on our Partners Page.

It’s your business’ story, we are just here to help you tell it. That means plenty of flexibility in branding and packaging everything from portals to client reports and invoices. Customize your presentations without being overwhelmed with a dizzying number of complicated options. For firms demanding complete control, you have full customization ability through our API with a number of ecosystem partners and platform developers ready to help you.

Simply put: no. The level of engagement from your clients is totally up to you, and any client communication that comes from BridgeFT keeps your brand front-and-center. Invite some or all of your clients to the white-labeled portal, or send clients secure, branded, compliant messages directly from the system—no login required.

Yes–we work with a wide spectrum of firms regardless of size and client demographic. Many family offices choose to leverage our Data Solutions directly, but we have a variety of ways to support your business depending on its needs.

Contact our Sales Team for a consultation call, and one of our experienced teammates can quickly help determine what solution may be the best fit for your business.

Not a problem! Depending on the source of data for the alternative assets you want tracked, our team can develop a custom data and reporting solution for your firm. Options range from self-driven to full hands-off. We recommend discussing your needs with a member of our team so we can help you evaluate the options available.

Over 75% of our new RIA onboarding and conversions take less than 30 days from agreement to fully live, including those migrating extensive historical data.  Our innovative data platform means that minimal time and effort is required of firms in the conversion process. If you have a particular timeline you would like to meet, our team can customize the onboarding process to match your needs. This includes staging out onboarding to run parallel systems in transition and customizing training sessions to meet the needs of your team and advisors. Contact our team for more information.

BridgeFT’s innovative data platform has been built from the ground up with speed, automation, and correctness in mind. In head-to-head comparisons with legacy data and accounting solutions, BridgeFT has reduced reconciliation events that require human intervention by 99%. That means more correct data processing with less effort through technology, and that directly translates to a hyperfast onboarding experience with unparalleled data quality. It is not uncommon that in our conversion process, our team actually uncovers data integrity issues from the legacy system being converted.