Zoe Financial Partners with BridgeFT to Accelerate Buildout of the Zoe Wealth Platform, Creating a Modern Advisor-Client Experience

Case study

BridgeFT’s WealthTech API Delivers Multi-custodial Data Infrastructure and Application Services for Client Reporting and Fee Billing to Fuel Highly Differentiated Solution

About the Company

Zoe Financial is a wealth platform where individuals can find, hire, and grow their wealth with trusted financial advisors.

From hiring a vetted advisor to help manage their finances, to opening investment accounts instantly with an advisor on the Zoe Wealth Platform, Zoe supports individuals in reaching their unique financial goals. Growing one’s wealth is tough, but Zoe makes it easy. Zoe Financial makes wealth creation tailored through convenience, curation, and coverage. 

Zoe Financial is a one-of-a-kind two-way marketplace for connecting clients and financial advisors. As the Zoe team worked to build and launch their new Wealth Platform, they sought key partners to bolster their system’s capabilities, while also improving development cycles and accelerating time to market.

Zoe’s goal is to remedy the complex, disjointed tech stacks high-performing advisors are plagued with. With this as their primary objective, offering seamless fee billing and client reporting powered by accurate, on-time custodial data was mission-critical. Rajesh Gaur, Head of Investments at Zoe, explained, “We were looking for a partner who could help us bring things together–from custodial data processing, billing, and performance reporting. That’s where BridgeFT is key. Their WealthTech API allowed Zoe to deliver the right advisor and client experience and create efficiency through our platform.”

The Zoe team was impressed with BridgeFT’s unique approach, which ultimately led to the two organizations fostering a productive partnership. Rajesh added, “Nowadays with so many SaaS companies you’re just another vendor. When we were doing the due diligence with BridgeFT, everyone knew the industry so well. They are like an extension of our internal team. Just like how our advisors think of us as an extension of their team.”

Zoe faced the classic build versus buy options as they planned the expansion of their modern platform-–either spend precious internal development resources and time building critical data connectivity and infrastructure, or find a trusted partner with the expertise and modern technology that ensured long-term flexibility and scalability. BridgeFT’s wealthtech-as-a-service platform was the accelerator Zoe needed, with data aggregation service already connected to Apex Clearing to normalize and process client account data directly from Zoe’s current custodian which made the implementation process frictionless and easy.

And with a build-once to the API, access-many approach, Zoe has essential connections to many more custodians and back office data sources to support long-term growth–all without having to build cumbersome data infrastructure each time they bring on a new advisor relationship. Zoe also leverages BridgeFT’s WealthTech API to deploy a set of unique client reporting and fee billing applications embedded into their platform. Gaur emphasized “BridgeFT’s performance reporting features are invaluable for us. Their reliable and trustworthy data tracking and reporting capabilities ensure that we can share with investors performance data with a very high degree of accuracy. For our advisors, being able to outsource billing and count on Zoe extends our value-add to our advisor network.”

The BridgeFT WealthTech API has allowed Zoe to scale their platform quickly and reliably while freeing up crucial developer resources. Dillon Ferguson, VP of Product, said, “More than 50% of our team at Zoe is focused on product & engineering, so finding an API-based WealthTech infrastructure that speeds up our development timelines and is well-documented has allowed us to move more quickly to bring our platform to market while growing the network of advisors serving clients.”

Alexandra Rodriguez Correales, Head of Marketing at Zoe, summarized, “We see BridgeFT as more than just partners. Our engineering team sees this as a transformative relationship as in terms of speed of deployment. The BridgeFT support team’s response time is almost immediate. On top of that, we appreciate that they’re always asking for feedback and ways to improve. Advisors and clients alike say the Zoe Wealth Platform is a unique, next-level experience.”

Big Wins for Zoe Financial

Multi-Custodial Data Aggregation

Normalized and trade-ready client account data directly from Zoe’s current custodian, Apex Clearing, to feed downstream applications for their advisors.

An API-First Strategy: Build Once, Access Many

Zoe now has a single API connection that offers access to many more data sources and applications to support long-term growth.

Ready-to-go Application Services: Client Reporting & Fee Billing

Zoe deployed a set of unique client reporting and fee billing application services that provided all of the critical business logic, complex calculations and data needed to create an unique wealth platform experience.