Live from NYSE, FINTECH TV interviews BridgeFT

“We’re going to do for wealth management what Stripe and Shopify have done for e-commerce.”

BridgeFT CEO, Joe Stensland

What is WealthTech-as-a-Service?

Purpose-built, WealthTech-specific application development and data infrastructure that enables firms to build wealthtech apps better, faster and cheaper.

API-first: support seamless integration of multiple solutions and client-firms ability to build their own UI/UX, workflows and experiences.

Cloud-native: provides scalability & unit economics- making the technology costs accessible to smaller firms, budgets and projects.

Headless: middle and back end platform that allows clients to construct their own UI/UX, and own the client/advisor experience.

Composable: services that are complete systems connected to the composable enterprise through cloud based API building blocks.

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