[Investment News] Bridge Financial Technology Rebrands, Launches New Product

Bridge Financial Technology Rebrands, Launches New Product

The company formerly known as Bridge Financial Technology, which provides API-based digital infrastructure to wealth management firms, has rebranded to BridgeFT in conjunction with the launch of its latest product: WealthTech API. BridgeFT CEO Joe Stensland said WealthTech API will help firms “control their own digital experiences” by providing trade-ready and accurate data from multiple custodians, removing the need for manual reconciliation and eliminating time spent on in-house data aggregation.

BridgeFT pitches its product as “enabling better outcomes” and “reimagining the potential of data” that can solve all the problems of legacy technology that many financial services firms use. The words “seamless” and “streamline” and “empower” and “turnkey” are all in there, but it’s unclear what WealthTech API actually does beyond data aggregation. Perhaps BridgeFT really has an improvement over what’s out there for advisors, but there are many who want to provide firms with API-based infrastructure.

By Ryan W. Neal