Income Lab Selects BridgeFT’s WealthTech API to Provide Access to Custodial Data Through a Single Integration

The integration allows Income Lab users to access more complete client investment account data that enhances its dynamic retirement income planning solutions.

CHICAGO, Nov. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Income Laboratory, Inc. (Income Lab), the leading provider of retirement income management software, has selected BridgeFT’s WealthTech API to aggregate multi-custodial data to power and enhance Income Lab’s cutting-edge software for ongoing retirement income management and client engagement.

Income Lab makes accessible impactful retirement tools for advisory firms of all sizes–large and small. Access to multi-custodial data has helped Income Lab acquire new advisors and successfully onboard them to their platform. This data was also essential for powering their planning tools with on-time, accurate client investment account information.

“BridgeFT’s on-time multi-custodial data, combined with the robust features of Income Lab, helps advisors answer questions around retirement like, ‘How much can I spend?’ or ‘Will I be okay if things change?'” said Justin Fitzpatrick, Chief Innovation Officer of Income Lab. “BridgeFT allows us to have a single access point to important data, removing the need to go directly to each custodian, which dramatically shortened the timeline to make our solutions available to advisors.”

BridgeFT is a cloud-native, API-first wealth infrastructure software company that enables financial institutions, fintech innovators, and registered investment advisors to deliver better, data-driven outcomes for their clients. The company’s WealthTech API is the industry’s first WealthTech-as-a-Service platform, offering a single, open API to trade-ready, multi-custodial data, advanced analytics, and application services.

“Income Lab provides a truly dynamic view of retirement income that enhances the planning experience for advisors, and BridgeFT is thrilled to help fuel the growth and client experience of this WealthTech innovator,” said Joe Stensland, Chief Executive Officer of BridgeFT. “Seamless integration of custodial data into Income Lab via WealthTech API empowers advisors using their software to offer accurate and realistic planning through all stages of retirement — driving better outcomes for their clients.”

BridgeFT’s WealthTech API brings in critical investment account data for clients, which make up a significant portion of a client’s retirement plan. This process keeps the accounts up to date, which brings to life the automated plan monitoring feature inside Income Lab.

Powering the financial planning process with automated multi-custodial data affords end-users of Income Lab’s platform a multitude of benefits including:

  • More holistic planning for better long-term engagement
  • Reduction of manual data entry
  • Automation to improve advisor productivity
  • Timely data for better planning and financial results
  • Accelerated plan creation and improved client engagement

BridgeFT’s technology allows fintech companies like Income Lab to integrate once to an API enabling access to numerous custodial sources to unlock essential data without having to spend time and resources on building new technology, while also accessing the needed expertise in how this critical data can be used.

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About BridgeFT

BridgeFT is a cloud-native, API-first Wealth Infrastructure software company that enables financial institutions, FinTech innovators, TAMPs, and registered investment advisors to deliver better, data-driven outcomes for their clients. Leading financial services firms and technology companies trust BridgeFT to power their digital wealth management ecosystems and automate critical back-office operations—seamlessly aligning essential wealth data, proactive client insights and reporting, and portfolio management automation to deliver a truly personalized client experience. From an integrated advisor solution to the industry’s only WealthTech-as-a-Service platform offering open APIs, BridgeFT delivers the infrastructure needed to power next generation wealth management applications. For more information, visit

About Income Lab

Income Lab provides financial advisors with cutting-edge software for ongoing retirement income management and client engagement. Advisors use Income Lab to give clients targeted, customized advice about how much they can spend, when and how to adjust spending for evolving economic and market conditions, and how to optimize distribution plans for tax efficiency. Income Lab was named “Best in Show” at the 2022 & 2023 XYPN Advisor Tech Expo, was the “Highest-Rated Retirement Distribution Planning Tool” in the 2023 T3/Inside Information Advisor Software Survey and was named a “Stand Out in Retirement Distribution Planning” and rated highest in satisfaction and value by the Report: The Technology that Independent Financial Advisors Actually Use (And Like)”.

Established in 2018, Income Lab’s mission is to revolutionize retirement planning with advanced research, deeper insights, and real-time monitoring and management, to help people live retirement with confidence. For more information, please visit


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