Developer Sandbox Empowers FinTech Innovation with Direct Access to APIs

A developer sandbox is a virtual environment that lets developers build and test new technology solutions in an isolated space. By working in a sandbox, the developer knows that anything they create will not impact any real-time apps or products. Instead, the sandbox offers an environment to safely experiment and work on creating new solutions.

The name “developer sandbox” stems from the concept of a child’s sandbox. In a child’s sandbox, the child is free to play with different toys without creating a mess. The same principle applies to a developer’s sandbox. But, instead of a child playing with toys, the developer is playing with different features and tools (such as API endpoints) without making a “mess” outside of the sandbox in their user-facing product.

Once a developer has experimented and tested their new code within a sandbox, they can merge it back in with the repository to make the changes available to end users or other developers within their team.

How Do FinTechs Utilize a Developer Sandbox?

Fintechs use a sandbox – often referred to as a fintech sandbox – as a way to test next-generation financial solutions or wealth management applications for their clients in a controlled environment.

Since building and developing new solutions requires significant time and resources, developers will lean on a fintech sandbox to ensure that the final solution has been fully tested and finalized before being introduced to the market and deployed to their clients. Due to the time required to reach proof of concept for a new product or features, an isolated environment is crucial to avoid causing any errors to the existing front-end system.

BridgeFT’s WealthTech API Developer Sandbox

BridgeFT’s WealthTech API Developer Sandbox allows users to experiment and create with our open APIs prior to launching new live features or products. Individuals can gain access to the BridgeFT WealthTech API Sandbox with credentials supplied by the BridgeFT team. To learn more, please contact our team.

BridgeFT provides realistic test data for use in the API sandbox environment. Sandbox users can leverage this data to put their wealth management applications through real-world scenarios and a variety of situations using anonymized clients and investment accounts from a sampling of different custodians and back-office providers. Here are three main reasons why BridgeFT’s sandbox is commonly viewed as one of the most attractive options for growth-mode fintechs looking for a developer sandbox environment:


Perhaps the biggest benefit of BridgeFT’s sandbox is its ability to fuel innovation. 

Many firms start building in the sandbox and quickly realize the infinite potential the WealthTech API possesses. What users have already developed in the sandbox does not have to be re-created from scratch once a decision is made to officially launch the live WealthTech API. Instead, the API sandbox can be easily moved to production simply via a swap of API keys. This way, developers can innovate and iterate as much as needed without worrying about being unable to bring their creations to market quickly.


BridgeFT has a dedicated support team to ensure that our clients are successful when using the API sandbox. Specific API developer-to-developer support can be extended as needed to provide guidance and answer questions.

Additional support is extended in the form of fully documented API endpoints with use cases, code snippets, how-to guides, recipes, and a GitHub repository.

Try Before You Buy

As a final benefit, BridgeFT allows developers to work hands-on with the API before purchasing. This allows users to ensure firsthand that the API can fit their needs before committing. In doing so, BridgeFT differentiates itself in the marketplace and serves the needs of wealthtech innovators.

We hope that you’ve found this article valuable when it comes to learning how to use a developer sandbox. If you’re interested in getting started with BridgeFT’s WealthTech API Developer Sandbox, please reach out to the BridgeFT team to learn more.