[Digital Wealth News] Advisor Tech Talk

Income Laboratory, Inc. (Income Lab), a provider of retirement income management software, has selected BridgeFT’s WealthTech API to aggregate multi-custodial data to power and enhance Income Lab’s cutting-edge software for ongoing retirement income management and client engagement. 

Income Lab makes accessible impactful retirement tools for advisory firms of all sizes–large and small. Access to multi-custodial data has helped Income Lab acquire new advisors and successfully onboard them to their platform. This data was also essential for powering their planning tools with on-time, accurate client investment account information. 

BridgeFT is a cloud-native, API-first wealth infrastructure software company that enables financial institutions, fintech innovators, and registered investment advisors to deliver better, data-driven outcomes for their clients. The company’s WealthTech API is the industry’s first WealthTech-as-a-Service platform, offering a single, open API to trade-ready, multi-custodial data, advanced analytics, and application services.