[Private Banker International] BridgeFT’s WealthTech API to power VRGL’s analytics suite

Institutional-class analytics provider VRGL has joined forces with Bridge Financial Technology (BridgeFT) to augment portfolio analysis for wealth managers.

The alliance will see the delivery of combined, end-to-end analytics and portfolio management solutions to the wealth management institutions.

The solutions are expected to allow wealth managers to improve transparency as well as provide better client and prospect communication and engagement.

As part of the alliance, BridgeFT’s WealthTech API will power VRGL’s analytics suite to offer a fully automated, API-based link to the custodial and held-away accounts.

Wealth managers will be able to have a ‘comprehensive’ view of their customers’ financial details to provide improved portfolio assessments.

Amalgamation of BridgeFT’s API and VRGL’s 5 Pillar analytics is anticipated to help the advisors to speed up data integration.

It also aims to enable the advisors to quickly view precise and combined wealth data of the customers.

The wealth managers will be able to enhance their assets under management as well as expedite time-to-revenue through PDF automation or by pulling out consolidated statement, the companies claim.

They can also be benefitted from multi-custodial account accumulation and proposal management in addition to client reporting, fee billing and practice inputs.

BridgeFT CEO Joe Stensland said: “Our partnership with VRGL is another great example of how BridgeFT is powering the next generation of wealthtech apps.

“VRGL offers advisors a truly innovative approach to building their business, and the added connectivity to our WealthTech API will benefit their wealth management clients by enabling direct access to accurate, aggregated, and trade-ready custodial and held-away account data to drive more informed investment decisions.” In June this year, BridgeFT announced a partnership with StratiFi to provide a fully-automated solution to precisely analyse and manage client risk throughout their investments.