BridgeFT Product Release Notes October 2022

Scroll down to explore user experience updates, an exciting new custodial feed partnership, and an upcoming webinar on our latest trading integration!

New Custodial Integration

Apex Custodial Data Feed

We now have a direct data feed connection setup through Apex.

Added the ability to view “Closed Accounts” using the Dropdown Filter on Clients Page

Users can now view all closed accounts that are being reported via their custodian and make them active on demand. Read more here.

Enhanced the Manual Accounts table to include a Status Column

Users will find an additional column in the accounts table to quickly see account statuses at a glance. Read more here.

Upcoming Events
December Product Webinar

Join our upcoming December webinar covering the ins-and-out of our Atlas for Advisors platform. You don’t want to miss learning about the new exciting features and enhancements! Register here.