BridgeFT Product Release Notes January 2023

New Features and Enhancements
User Experience Updates

Enhancements to the BridgeFT Billing Engine 

BridgeFT has made major enhancements to the Billing Engine used to generate Billing Reports and Invoices within Atlas and the WealthTech API.  We have enhanced our custodian ingestion process to use more data elements with higher integrity from the our custodian data feeds, resulting in less reconciliation dependent data with much higher fidelity and data quality. 

Updated Held Away Accounts Page

We updated the Held Away Accounts page to include more details about the accounts and information you bring in from our Plaid integration.  We also added the ability to update the connection status directly in the Held Away Accounts table making it quicker and easier to manage your Plaid connections. 

Bug Fixes

  • Update to Performance Calculations for Option Buy/Sells
  • Updates to the Bulk Upload Historical Data to include Inception Date and Net Contribution updates
  • Updates to the Bulk Upload Manual Accounts process to increase the number of records uploaded

WealthTech API Updates

Machine-to-Machine Authentication

The BridgeFT Wealthtech API now supports machine-to-machine authentication via the client_credentials grant type. The client_credentials grant is now the preferred method for authenticating against the API. It allows consumers to authenticate as an application, rather than authenticating on behalf of a user via the password grant or using and API key.

For more details, visit our API Documentation Site

Improvements to Bulk Create Functionality for WealthTech API

We have made improvements with how WealthTech API users can utilize the “Create Many” feature within the API, giving you the ability to create, in bulk, Billing Groups, Fee Structures, Models, Strategies, Households, etc.

Visit and search for “create many” for more details. 

Upcoming Events
Webinar: How FinTechs Can Leverage Modern Cloud-Based Custodial Data APIs to Expand Platform Capabilities

Join us on January 31st for a free webinar covering the Build vs. Buy debate and learn how Fintechs are leveraging API-based custodial data integrations. Register here.