ACA Streamlines Billing and Account Management with Atlas

Company Overview

American Capital Advisory (ACA) is a privately owned registered investment advisory firm that specializes in providing financial services to individuals, institutions, partnerships, and trusts.

Executive Summary

With Atlas, ACA has saved over 50% in technology costs annually, and reduced the amount of time they spend on billing by 80%. ACA originally utilized a combination of a well known portfolio management software and Microsoft Office to onboard new accounts and generate billing statements, but were hindered by the platform’s legacy interface and account-opening capabilities. ACA considered other solutions before opting to go with Atlas based on cost-savings and the scalability of Bridge’s technology

Evolving with Technology

In today’s world, technology is rapidly changing. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, high quality technology can be a key differentiator for advisors. “[Our previous solution’s] legacy software platform was generally cumbersome and difficult to use.”

Upon examining other options, ACA opted to switch to Bridge’s advisor platform. “We decided to go with Bridge based not only on cost savings, but also the ability to grow with the company because Bridge is constantly evolving through technology. As a client, we benefit from this innovation.”

Regularly updated technology became an important factor for ACA’s continued business with Bridge. “Looking forward, we’re excited to leverage new updates to Atlas’ client portal and custom report building environment to further increase our efficiency.”

Before Bridge we would spend two to three hours a month on billing… Now, the entire billing process takes less than 30 minutes.

More Time for What Matters Most

“Before Bridge, we used [another well known portfolio management software] for performance reporting software and our billing system was a combination of file exports from [this software] and then imports into [a word processor]. It was a multi-step process to do invoicing and create billing files. We would spend two to three hours a month on billing, and even longer on performance reporting on a quarterly basis.” ACA knew that outdated legacy software was hindering their efficiency.

“With Bridge, our billing process now takes less than half an hour. We have huge savings both in terms of cost and time.” What was once a convoluted multi-step billing process ACA was able to streamline with Atlas’ billing environment. “With Atlas, all the CSV files we need for upload are created and delivered to us in one file download package. Now, the entire billing process takes less than 30 minutes.” “Not only has it been a significant cost-savings, but it has created a more efficient system in terms of household billing overall.” ACA was able to reduce monthly time spent on billing by over 80%.

They also increased efficiency in their account-onboarding process. “Atlas helps us make sure we have all our ducks in a row when it comes to onboarding new accounts. The process we used to use to onboard new accounts with [our previous solution] was not productive. With Bridge, the onboarding process is so simple—we assign the fee ID’s for new accounts and we’re done. It’s that easy.”

ACA has used Atlas to save time, enhance their business operations across the board, and focus more time on what matters most to their firm. “With all the time Bridge has saved us, we’ve been able to spend more time on more important things like business development and portfolio management.”

With all the time Bridge has saved us, we’ve been able to spend more time on more important things like business development and portfolio management.

Responsive Technical Support

Different advisors have different expectations when it comes to technical support. For many, having a dedicated and responsive team is an important quality in a technology provider.

It was important for ACA to have a technology provider who had robust support. “We have been very impressed with the level of responsiveness. It’s been a positive experience. The Bridge team is very responsive, and when an issue arises, they’re right on top of it.”