8 Technologies Revolutionizing the Advisor Space

1. Marketing: PreciseFP Financial Personalities

PreciseFP’s Financial Personalities is changing the way prospects interact with your website. This software allows you to install a link to a financial personality quiz on your website. Your website visitors can take the self-discovery quiz which is interactive, engaging, and covers many hot button financial planning issues.
Visitors who complete the quiz will receive a financial personality profile based on their responses. The major aim of Financial Personalities is to make website visitors (potential prospects) feel heard, understood, and more likely to schedule an appointment.
Website visitors will be prompted to enter their email or schedule an appointment to receive a complete download of their financial profile, which increases your odds of converting a website visitor into a prospect. PreciseFP estimates that Financial Personalities increases your ability to convert a prospect into client by 9% on average.
Financial Personalities recognizes the increasingly important role online presence plays in an advisor’s ability to attract and secure new clients.

2. Portfolio Management/Reporting: Atlas-X

Atlas-X is transforming the way your firm thinks about and uses technology. Rather than sorting through dozens of technology solutions, why not implement one end-to-end solution?
While Atlax-X is, at it’s core, a portfolio management and reporting software, it aims to be the single software solution you need to run all your day-to-day operations. From client onboarding, to billing, to document sharing, to risk analysis and analytics, Atlas-X puts all the powerful, easy-to-use tools you need in your hands.
Imagine a software which can take a client through the entire onboarding process without a single physical document being signed. Atlas-X makes the client’s onboarding process–from proposal generation, to contract signing, to securely uploading important financial documents–incredibly quick and easy. Further, the system is now ready to help you manage the lifestyle of that client with trading, billing, reporting, etc.
Atlas-X combines the beautiful, powerful technology advisors need with the simplicity and ease advisors want.

3. Financial Planning: Advizr

While other platforms are clunky and difficult to navigate, Advizr is a powerful, streamlined financial planning tool. Advizr utilizes a smart data collection wizard to collect client’s information and develops a customized preliminary financial plan based off this data. Advisors can then use Advizr’s powerful arsenal of tools to further customize the client’s plan. The tool then allows both advisors and clients to track a financial plan’s progress in real time.
Advizr users will also have access to Advizr Express, an interactive “retirement checkup” widget advisors can add to their websites. This unique lead generation tool provides potential clients with a quick snapshot of their retirement readiness.
When it comes to financial planning, Advizr is innovative, creating the powerful tools advisors need to attract and retain clients.

4. CRM: Wealthbox

Wealthbox prides itself on being a CRM you’ll actually enjoy using. Wealthbox is the simplest CRM platform available, yet retains a powerful set of tools advisors need to manage their business and contacts.
Wealthbox has created a painless data transfer process, so it’s possible to be up and running in just a few minutes. In fact, Wealthbox is so easy to use, it’s as simple as sign-up-and-go, with no training required.
Beyond simplicity, Wealthbox has created a powerful network of social media integrations for the modern advisor. Wealthbox also integrates with major file storage programs like DropBox, Google Drive, and Box. Not to mention, Weathbox’s mobile app makes it easy to keep track of your contacts and to-dos on the go.
Wealthbox is a CRM for the modern advisor who wants access to powerful tools without having to navigate a clunky interface.

5. Portfolio Risk: Riskalyze

Riskalyze is revolutionizing the way advisors think about and handle risk. Riskalyze uses Nobel Prize winning technology to calculate your client’s “Risk Number.” Riskalyze software then ensures your client’s portfolio’s risk aligns with this number.
As the first risk alignment platform, Riskalyze is paving the way for how advisors utilize risk to ensure that current clients are satisfied and potential clients are interested.
Riskalyze even includes a retirement-mapping feature, which ensures client’s portfolios will be adjusted to reach retirement goals, regardless of a low Risk Number.
When it comes to risk management, Riskalyze is on the cutting-edge and is changing how advisors and clients discuss risk.

6. Archiving: Smarsh’s Archiving Platform

In a social-media driven world, Smarsh aims to be the premier social media archiving and compliance solution for financial advisors. But Smarsh goes well beyond the social media realm to archive email, instant messaging, text, web, and video communications. Smarsh archives from dozens of social media sites and email providers.
The best part is that Smarsh stores everything in a cloud, which frees up your storage space. Smarsh’s platform includes powerful search and discovery tools, making it easy for you to find the exact information you need, whenever you need it.
Smarsh allows advisors to transition into the era of regular social media usage without fear of compliance issues.

7. Appointment Scheduling: Appointy

Appointy is making it easier than ever to meet with prospects. Appointy adds a widget to your website or Facebook page which allows clients to schedule a meeting with you. Appointy’s data shows that Facebookers are 3x more likely to schedule an appointment if your page includes the widget. They also estimate that 55% of all meetings are booked during non-business hours, meaning potential clients want to be able to book an appointment with you on their terms. Appointy takes the hassle of email and phone tag out of the appointment-setting process.
Appointy automatically syncs to you and your client’s calendars, so you never miss a meeting. And there is a mobile version of the software, so you can monitor your calendar’s activity on the go.
For firms with multiple advisors, Appointy streamlines coordinating schedules. When creating an appointment, prospects can view available time slots and select which staff member to meet with based off of their unique calendar and availability.
Appointy takes the guesswork out of scheduling meetings, encouraging potential clients to schedule a meeting with you.

8. Virtual Meetings: GoToMeeting

GoToMeeting aims to completely change the way you do business, moving you into the virtual space. While virtual meeting may seem uncanny for financial professional use, more and more financial advisors are using virtual meetings.
GoToMeeting has made virtual meetings easier and better than ever before. Simply send your client a link, and at the time of your meeting they’ll be able to join you for an HD video chat. GoToMeeting’s interface is incredibly simple, making it easy for your clients to meet with you. Not to mention, GoToMeeting’s screensharing feature makes is easy for you to show your clients portfolio projections, risk analysis, or any other important information, without ever leaving the office.
GoToMeeting is making it possible for advisors to expand their potential client base far beyond geographical limits.