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BridgeFT transforms how advisors and service providers access, use, and report on financial data. We power wealth management infrastructure to create thriving advisor practices.

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“Making my company super efficient in billing and performance reporting was exactly what I needed to do. BridgeFT provides all the things my firm needs to be efficient and effective, giving me the tools and time for higher quality client management.”

Jesse Rodrigue, President & Chief Financial Advisor

The Way Things Have Always Been Done Doesn’t Have to Be the Way You Do Them

Advisor Technology Doesn’t Have to Be Archaic

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BridgeFT Does Data Differently

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Atlas for Advisors


Custom Reports in 0 Minutes

Our automated reporting environment lets advisors effortlessly check in on accounts and create transparent client reports.


Accurate account reconciliation with 1% of the effort

Reduce data quality issues by 99.9% with the next generation of fully-automated data processing.


Compliant Fee Billing
in 5 Minutes

Billing is easy with BridgeFT. Offer clients invoices that are compliant, branded, and fully automated.


Proactive Client Insights
in 1 Click

Stay up to date with accounts, know where to spend time, and how to best inform client relationships. The Atlas Insights Engine makes life easier without adding a single minute to an advisor’s day.


Why Atlas?

Turn Bad Data into
Faster Seamless Compliant Impactful Data

At BridgeFT, we harness the latest financial technology to make the data advisors use every day more accessible. Reduce the time and resources it takes to get trade-ready insights, generate accurate reports, and provide excellent financial services.

Source & Normalize

Data feeds covering 90%+ of wealth management custody with over 5k unique data codes normalized.

Ledgerize & Reconcile

99.9% fewer recon events that require human intervention vs legacy solutions.

Enrich & Deliver

25+ out-of-box integrations and counting

Your (Other) Favorite Tools, Integrated

Continue to use the best tools, while being confident that client data will stay in sync across systems.

Ready Out of the Box

Choose from 25+ native integrations at no additional charge


Leverage our powerful open API for custom integrations

Get Help

Access our network of partners to build the best technology stack

Advisor Stories

BridgeFT changes the way wealth managers work

“I came out of the broker-dealer world with a passion for serving clients and putting their best interest first.
Daren, Sonoma Wealth Advisors
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“People need people who are willing to help them without a hidden agenda.
Jesse B. Rodrigue, Founder of Fortune 45
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“What makes me unique and helps me connect with my clients is my own story of how I grew up and where I came from.”
Leighann Miko, Founder of Equalis
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