The Integration

Bridge pushes account values, cash balances, and positions from Atlas to SmartRIA, allowing advisors to have proactive compliance monitoring and alerts on client accounts.


SmartRIA’s compliance software streamlines operations, saves time, and allows advisors to focus on growing their business.

How does it work?

This integrated solution allows advisors to view key household position and transaction information, streamlining a number of compliance workflows. The integration includes alerts when accounts have a high cash balance or have not been traded.

How does it benefit advisors?

  • Eliminate the time and risks associated with duplicate data entry and manual data management.
  • Efficiently oversee their compliance requirements.
  • Expands advisors’ ability for surveillance and demonstrates oversight of their fiduciary obligations during audits. 
  • Help advisors be more proactive in client engagements with access to account activity and corresponding compliance insights.

Learn More About This Integration

Read the official SmartRIA + Bridge press release.

Integrations & Partners

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