The Modern Advisor’s Complete Guide to a Proactive Client Communications Strategy

As an advisor, your client communication strategy is where you can truly differentiate the level of service you provide your clients. On the other hand, a lack of proactive client communications is where breakdowns can occur, leading to client attrition and low rates of referrals. This communications guide includes everything you need to become a systematic, proactive communicator with clients

Here’s what the guide includes:

  • Hard data on which five communication channels clients prefer
  • Checklist for successful review meetings
  • How to use technology to execute a strong client communications plan
  • Actionable strategies to have a more proactive approach to client communications
  • Sample questions to have better conversations with clients about their goals



Research by the Financial Planning Association found that only 26% of advisors they surveyed self-assessed their client communications approach as “very effective.” When it comes to client communications, many advisors are overwhelmed by the number of potential communication channels and messages they could be leveraging. Our communications guide is here to give you a step-by-step path to successfully fulfilling all your clients’ communication needs.

The Guide Includes:

10+ pages of informational content

Checklist for review meeting success

Sample questions to better understand client goals