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Combine AdvisorPeak’s powerful rebalancing solution with seamless data management and account reconcilation from Bridge

Automated data management and account reconciliation


Innovative portfolio trading and rebalancing

Bridge gives you better data with zero effort

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Benefits of Using AdvisorPeak & Bridge Together

Access best-in-class data management

As an advisor, you need the best technology to operate your business and serve your clients. Bridge’s automated data feeds with most major custodians and daily account reconciliation allows for consistent, clean data throughout your tech stack.

Leverage special pricing

Bridge’s partnership with AdvisorPeak gives you access to best-in-class data management at a specially discounted rate not available anywhere else.

Have confidence your data is always in-sync

With Bridge as your central source of aggregated and reconciled custodial data, you’ll have confidence that your data will stay in sync across your business.

Discover Bridge’s data management platform

Advisors can automatically see reconciled custodial account data in AdvisorPeak from Bridge, every morning, no action needed

Why do advisors love working with Bridge?

Increase Operational Efficiency

Bridge automates daily reconciliation and data import so you can focus your time on what matters most.

Reduce Business Risk

Automated data feeds eliminate the time and risks associated with manual data reconciliation.

Grow Your Firm

Bridge streamlines your back-office, allowing you to scale faster without scaling costs.

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